From the recording Tales From The Riverside

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Guitars, vocals - Patrick Stilwell
Keys - Ken Brewer
Bass - Timmer Blakely
Drums - Scott Van Dusen


Well I shoulda known better
This time around
I can't remember when I have felt so down
When I first met you baby
I was a man in my prime
Now I'm surrounded by sorrow
Surrounded by lies
But when I look in the mirror
I can see who's to blame
When all of my bridges
Come crashin' down in flames

I can't seem to find
The strength or the will
Losin' you baby been such a bitter pill
I can't look to the future
'Cause I'm stuck back in the past
Thought we had a good thing
But it was too good to last
I shoulda known better
But that's ok
'Cause nobody wins
At these games that we play

I shoulda known better
But that's alright
I believed every one of your lies
Well it's time to get over
Time to get real
Time to get on out there
And learn how to deal
I shoulda known better
But that's alright
I'll get up tomorrow
And get right back in the fight