The Band: 

The Pat Stilwell Band is a four piece lineup consisting of Pat on vocals, guitar, and electric violin, Michael McGinty on keys, Kirk Bryant on bass,  and Joe Trump on drums.  A two piece horn section (trumpet, sax) is added for larger venue shows.   For special shows, guitarist Jeff Knudson brings his prodigious skills.

What we Do:

 PSB is a high energy blues-rock outfit based around Pat's skillful original songwriting, soulful vocals, and expressive guitar and electric violin performances.  The music ventures from straight ahead blues-rock and funk all the way to Americana roots.  The band is also not averse to throwing in some classic rock gems for audiences so inclined.   The band is comprised of hands down some of the finest musicians in the Pacific Northwest.   


Pat Stilwell, originally from the Washington, D.C. area, has also spent time in Mobile, AL, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX, and Albuquerque, NM, picking up the musical flavors of each region along the way.  Pat has played in and fronted a number of bands, including the popular Seattle blues band, the Cyclones, who were regulars on the Pioneer Square scene.  While in Seattle, Pat recorded a live CD with the Cyclones and a solo studio project entitled "Kaleidoscope", using the Cyclones as his studio band.  Since moving to Portland in 2009, Pat has been making his mark on the local music scene with his innovative guitar work, soulful vocals, and skillfully crafted original songs.  His playing and songwriting reflect a deep connection with the blues, infused with the many influences that have informed his style.  In addition to his skills as a guitarist, Pat is also an accomplished blues violinist, and features his Zeta electric violin in the band's live shows, and on his new CD release, Tales From the Riverside

Keyboardist Michael McGinty also hails from the east coast.  Trained in his youth on trumpet and jazz piano, Michael performed in rock, soul, and fusion groups, touring up and down the eastern seaboard from New England to the Virgin Islands. On moving out west to San Diego, he played in a number of rock, roots, and blues groups, notably holding down the Saturday night house band slot at the House of Blues in the Gaslamp Quarter. While in San Diego, Michael played in the band for singer Michelle Lundeen, and performed at summer blues festivals with this group.  Now living in Portland, Michael has played with a number of local rock, fusion, blues, and R&B groups, including Mr. Musu and Dept. of R&B.  Like every keyboard player of his caliber, Michael also keeps busy as a hired gun for local gigs and sessions.      

Bassist Kirk Bryant's full bio would take an entire page.  Kirk has been playing professionally since his teens, and has played with many notable artists including James Burton, Les McCann, Tommy Castro, and Duke Robillard, just to name a few of many.  Kirk spent an extended stint in the Bay Area, lending his talents to a variety of genres including blues, funk, jazz, and rock.  His work with smooth jazz group Second Nature has earned five Grammy nominations while a member of that group.  In addition to performing with the Pat Stilwell Band, Kirk is an in demand session and live player in the Portland area. 

Drummer Joe Trump has been a professional drummer/percussionist, composer & producer for over 40 years. A veteran of NYC’s studio and live music scene, he now makes his home in Portland since 1995. As a member of many diverse and eclectic groups too numerous to mention, he has toured & recorded extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Asia, especially Japan.  Joe was recommended to the Pat Stilwell Band by bassist Kirk Bryant, and we are forever indebted.  Joe has added a whole new level of badness to the band. 


"I've known Pat for about 5 years now, and he is one of the smoothest and most creative players around.  Always very musical with his ideas...a real guitar player's guitarist.  And on top of that, he sings great, is a strong songwriter, and chooses material you don't hear all the time, which is very refreshing to hear.  I see lots of players come through town, and Pat is one of the few I would pay to go see."   -  Kevin Selfe, blues musician and Delta Groove recording artist. 

"Versatility and variety in performing music is key.  Not only to keep the audience's attention, but in being a band mate, where keeping everything fresh and fun is the name of the game! Pat Stilwell is the full meal deal, tasty licks and a buffet of grooves that leaves you coming for seconds."  -  Rae Gordon, The Rae Gordon Band 

"What can I say WOW !!! You are truly amazing ..  If you haven't seen him your missing something truly special." -  Sharon Flaherty, owner, Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill blues club, Portland, OR

"Soulful, spirited, sophisticated"  -  Daniel Curran, Positively Entertainment

Tales From the Riverside CD Review

From the Cascade Blues Association article by Greg Johnson:

This is one of those albums that you like more after every play. Exceptional songwriting and performances that blend well together make for a winning formula, and Patrick Stilwell knows how to turn a catchy phrase with his lyrics that expound on life lessons, heartache, and love. Combine that with some very tasteful guitar playing and an over the top group of friends lending their talents, including the likes of Timmer Blakely, Ken Brewer, Kurtis Piltz, Jeff Knudson, Eric Rabe, along with a host of other stellar Portland musicians, and you have a first-rate musical combination. 

There is quite a bit to really like with the songs on this disc, with numerous highlights that keep appearing with every number. Special moments start with the opening track “End Of The Line” kicking things off with a rollicking pace that sets the tone for the album, and also include the slow blues “Nowhere To Fall,” “Hold Your Fire” with the electric violin, and the stinging slide work on “Riverside, Pt 1.”