The Pat Stilwell Band

Of all the guitar & music resources available on the internet, by far most often it's YouTube for me.  I decided not to post any links to YouTube pages since any individual can just type what there looking for and general find it on YouTube.  The list below are other sites I found useful for instructional purposes, or just general info about musicians I like and gear.  

The Gear Page -  A great online market place to buy and sell music gear, plus various music/gear related forums.

Blues For Peace  - This site has some neat stuff about playing blues guitar, and a great page with lyrics to classic blues tunes.

 Jazz Guitar Online  -  Lots of info and lessons useful to a blues player.

Lollar Pickups  - Lollar Guitar Pickups, Tacoma, WA.

Lindy Fralin Pickups  - Fralin guitar pickups.  Highly recommended.

John Scofield - Home page for the great Scofo.  One of my main guitar inspirations.

Robbie Laws  - Homepage for Portland, OR based blues guitarist extraordinaire.  Robbie has some video lessons posted which are very cool.

 Big Monti - Homepage for another Portland, OR based guitar monster.

Poster-My-Wall  -  DIY Poster templates.  Great for band posters.  Editable templates, downloadable for free.

Shawn Pittman  -  Website for a great Texas based electric blues guitar player.

 Guitar Backing Tracks  -  Free downloadable backing tracks to tons of songs for practice.