The Pat Stilwell Band

I'm just getting started on this page.  I'll be adding lots more links to music & gear related sites.

The Gear Page -  A great online market place to buy and sell music gear, plus various music/gear related forums.

Blues For Peace  - This site has some neat stuff about playing blues guitar, and a great page with lyrics to classic blues tunes.

 Jazz Guitar Online  -  Lots of info and lessons useful to a blues player.

Lollar Pickups  - Lollar Guitar Pickups, Tacoma, WA.

Lindy Fralin Pickups  - Fralin guitar pickups.  Highly recommended.

John Scofield - Home page for the great Scofo.  One of my main guitar inspirations.

Robbie Laws  - Homepage for Portland, OR based blues guitarist extraordinaire.  Robbie has some video lessons posted which are very cool.

 Big Monti - Homepage for another Portland, OR based guitar monster.

Poster-My-Wall  -  DIY Poster templates.  Great for band posters.  Editable templates, downloadable for free.

Shawn Pittman  -  Website for a great Texas based electric blues guitar player.