The Pat Stilwell Band

The Pat Stilwell Band

The Band:

The Pat Stilwell Band delivers a soulful funky brand of blues, brought to life by the band's unique musical chemistry.   The chemistry set consists of Pat on guitar and vocals, Travers Kiley on keys and vocals, drummer Scott Van Dusen, and bassist Chris Garcia.  Together they bring to the stage a high level of musicianship, energy, and infectious interplay.   The repertoire is an ever changing gumbo of classic & contemporary blues, originals, and an assortment of offerings from such diverse artists as Dave Matthews, The Band, Little Feat, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, and Les McCann.  

Pat serves as leader (and booker) for the band, but musically it's a shared effort, with original material being contributed by both Pat and Travers.  A large chunk of the band's mojo flows from mutual admiration for each other's musicianship, and the  fun of playing together on stage.  Based in Portland, Oregon, the band keeps busy playing around the metro area, and hopes to get into touring and festivals in the coming year.  In addition to club work, a new studio project is in the offing, with a hip lineup of original material waiting to be recorded.  


Pat Stilwell hails from the Washington, D.C. area, and has resided in Mobile, AL, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX, and Albuquerque, NM.  Picking up the musical flavors of each city along the way, his experience includes bluegrass, rock, classical, Latin, and last but not least the blues.  Pat has played in and fronted a number of bands, including the popular Seattle blues band, the Cyclones, who were regulars on the Pioneer Square scene.  While in Seattle, Pat recorded a live CD with the Cyclones and a solo studio project entitled "Kaleidoscope", using the Cyclones as his studio band.  Since moving to Portland in 2009, Pat has been making his mark on the local music scene with his innovative guitar work, soulful vocals, and skillfully crafted original songs.  His playing and songwriting reflect a deep connection with the blues, infused with the many influences that have informed his style.   In addition to being a journeyman guitarist, Pat is also an accomplished blues violinist, and features his Zeta electric violin in the band's live shows.  In addition to his own band, Pat plays in the house band for the White Eagle Saloon blues jam hosted by Travers, and plays guitar and violin in an organ combo led by Portland keyboardist Dennis Lusk.

Keyboardist/singer Travers Kiley is a native of Portland, OR.   Classically trained, he has worked in television, radio, theatre, live concerts, recitals, and recording studios.    Along the way, he has played in a number of popular Portland bands such as The Brothers Jam, The Six Shooters, and the Garcia Birthday Band.  Travers prodigious keyboard skills apply equally to piano and organ, and he is at home in just about any style.  A gifted songwriter and singer, he contributes substantially to the band's set list.  As an improviser, Travers never ceases to climb to new heights in the course of the band's shows, especially when Pat and Travers take off on a musical joy ride.  In addition to the Pat Stilwell Band, Travers hosts the monthly open blues jam at Portland's venerable White Eagle Saloon.

Drummer Scott Van Dusen has been playing and recording with some of the Northwest's finest musicians since 2011.  He was an active member of the Southern California music scene since his teens, performing and recording with a variety of groups spanning the genres of rock, jazz, blues, folk, fusion and r&b.  Musically educated in school programs and mostly self-taught in many styles, he was also a student of the renowned Roy Burns.  Focusing on blues since the early 90's, he spent 15 years with noted group Tupelo Blue and three years with the Jill Sharpe Band before relocating to Portland.  Scott's playing demonstrates a high level of sophistication, honed from his years of competing in the L.A. music scene.  His groove is truly infectious, and he is really the driver for the band's feel.   Scott also joins Travers and Pat in the White Eagle Saloon blues jam house band.  

Dave Smith, the latest addition to the band, recently moved to Portland to enjoy a better style of living with his family. While living in NYC he was a regular in the scene and a full time working bass player/composer.  Dave worked regularly with players such as Keith Robinson (Marcia Ball/Charlie Robison), Matt Katz (Blondie), Andee Blacksugar (Peter Murphy), John Cave (Talib Kweli), T-Bone Motta (Public Enemy), Jonathan Lam (David Byrne), as well as a host of others. He has been on over 50 recording sessions with dozens of artists/bands. He has toured the country with several bands including The Nillaz (Warp Tour), the Volunteers (High Times unsigned band of the Month), and others. He has written over a hundred songs including 4 solo records as well as material for various bands over the years, jingles, movie soundtracks, and he co-wrote a a song on the latest Blondie record (Ghosts of a Download).


"I've known Pat for about 5 years now, and he is one of the smoothest and most creative players around.  Always very musical with his ideas...a real guitar player's guitarist.  And on top of that, he sings great, is a strong songwriter, and chooses material you don't hear all the time, which is very refreshing to hear.  I see lots of players come through town, and Pat is one of the few I would pay to go see."   -  Kevin Selfe, blues musician and Delta Groove recording artist.